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In Switch, Egypt May Join Ethiopia In Nile Dam Project

Posted by Ethio Tribune on October 22, 2013

At a news conference Oct. 7, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn announced that his country welcomes the participation of Egypt and Sudan in the construction of the dam and stressed that his government considers the dam to be jointly owned by Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt. Cairo viewed his statement as a positive step toward reaching a consensus on the project, despite its earlier sharp criticism of it.

In a telephone conversation Oct. 17, Egyptian Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdul Muttalib told Al-Monitor: “Egypt doesn’t mind joining the Ethiopian government in building the dam for the service and development of the Ethiopian people. But we must agree on a number of items in a clear way to prevent any damage to Egypt as a result of the dam construction. The Egyptian government always opts for cooperation and participation. … During the coming negotiations with Ethiopia over the dam, we will clarify our position regarding the policy and method of operating the dam, the size of the storage lake attached to it, and how to fill it with water in times of flood and drought.” He stressed, “Egypt will definitely not participate in the construction unless these policies are agreed upon and agreements regarding them are signed.”

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Egypt risks lonely walk on the Nile

Posted by Ethio Tribune on June 25, 2013

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy President Museveni seemed to throw diplomacy to the wind when during the budget reading on June 13 he referred to attempts by the government of Egypt to stop the building of a mega hydro power dam on the Nile as chauvinistic.
But he is not alone. Many observers say that it is not only Egypt’s position on the use of the Nile waters which is untenable. They now also disapprove of the way the North African country has responded to the fallout from comments made by different Egyptian political leaders during a “national dialogue” about the Nile.
Egypt’s foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Kamel Amr, rushed to Ethiopia to cool the tempers and at the end of his visit last Tuesday, the Reuters news agency quoted him as saying: ““Some pronouncements were made in the heat of the moment because of emotions. They are behind us.”
Tempers had flared before, with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy being quoted as saying although they did not favour war over the dam issue, they would keep “all options open”.
During an inclusive meeting of Egyptian politicians to discuss Ethiopia’s use of the Nile waters to build a dam that was aired live on television without the participants’ knowledge, suggestions ranging from brooding disharmony inside Ethiopia to destroying the dam were made.
Ethiopia’s Great Renaissance Dam, projected to cost $4.7b with an installed capacity of 6,000MW of electricity, will be the largest power plant in Africa. But Egypt fears the dam could reduce the Nile’s water flow, affecting the country’s over 80m people, the vast majority of whom live in the Nile valley, getting virtually all their water from the river>>>read more

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S. Sudan to utilise Nile River for development projects

Posted by Ethio Tribune on June 25, 2013

It seems Ethiopia has  inspired and motivated the other upper riparian countries to use their rights to utilize the Nile River based on win-win strategy!

une 24, 2013 (JUBA) – South Sudan says it will use the Nile river’s water for development projects, stressing its need to produce green hydroelectricity to reduce reliance on generators.

Paul Mayom Akec, the country’s minister of irrigation and water resources, said the country’s generators were environmental hazards as they “emit polluted gas into the air, which is not only dangerous to human health but cause environmental hazard”.

The minister said that agricultural demand for water is also increasing.

“Hydro power is the most advanced and economically viable resource of renewable energy for South Sudan”, he said, further disclosing the country’s plan to build a dam on the White Nile river.

Speaking to Sudan Tribune in an exclusive interview on Monday, Akec said the government hopes to finance the dam project through foreign investment.

The dam, according to Akec, will be built in the Fulla-Nimule area of South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria state and will help create jobs for the local population.

The power generated from the dam, he said, will equally be available to the local people, with additional water to be used for irrigation. The idea, the minister told Sudan Tribune, has been embraced by inhabitants in the area.

Akec, however, stated that the project will not affect the share of the Nile’s water received by Sudan and Egypt, the two downstream countries.

Members of the Nile Basin Initiative recently agreed at a conference held in South Sudan’s capital Juba to work towards the “optimal use of the Nile Water Resources for development projects”…click here to read more!

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Egypt Should Welcome not Threaten Ethiopia’s Nile Dam

Posted by Ethio Tribune on June 24, 2013

Ethiopia is building a giant hydropower dam on the Nile. The project, however, makes Egypt unhappy, as its water supply could be threatened. Though both countries could find ways to benefit from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, neither has displayed exemplary conflict-management skills.

In Egypt, politicians meeting with President Mohamed Mursi suggested subverting Ethiopia’s government and destroying the dam. On live TV. Later, Mursi pledged to “defend each drop of the Nile with our blood.”

For its part, Ethiopia, home to the main sources of the Nile, has been steadfast in ignoring the understandable concerns of Egypt, a desert country that depends on the river for 95 percent of its water. When Ethiopia began construction of the biggest hydropower facility in Africa, it did so without consulting Egypt.

Neither country is well-positioned to get its way. Egypt’s revolution has weakened its government and left the country without a superpower patron. Gone are the days when it could dictate its dominance over the Nile, which it bases on colonial-era agreements that upstream countries have long dismissed…click here to read full story

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Uganda to build biggest power dam on Nile River

Posted by Ethio Tribune on June 21, 2013

Uganda to build biggest power dam on Nile River

Uganda on Thursday signed a contract granting China’s Sinohydro Group Ltd. a tender to build a large hydropower dam on the Nile River at a price of $1.65 billion, Reuters reported quoting government sources, reviving a project stalled for years by a lack of money.

Construction of the 600-megawatt Karuma dam in the east African country is expected to start about two weeks after the signing of the contract, the sources said.

Last week Uganda said China had provided credit worth $500 million to help pay for construction of the Karuma dam.

China, as elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, has rapidly expanded its investment in Uganda in recent years.

“The project will cost $1.65 billion and will entail both developing the dam and a transmission line to evacuate the power from the generation site to the distribution network,” one of the sources, who declined to be named, told Reuters.

“The signing took place this morning and Synohydro was represented by the company’s Chairman, Mr. Zhang Yunli while the government was represented by the Attorney General, Peter Nyombi and Energy Minister, Irene Muloni.”

Uganda is banking on Karuma to generate cheap, sufficient power to meet fast-growing energy needs and support an economy eyeing double-digit growth rates once crude oil production starts as anticipated in 2017.

Source: Reuters


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Egypt and Ethiopia vow to defuse Blue Nile dam row(BBC)

Posted by Ethio Tribune on June 18, 2013

Diversion ceremony at the Blue Nile in Guba, Ethiopia. 28 May 2013 Ethiopia says the dam project will not affect countries downstream.

Ethiopia and Egypt have agreed to hold further talks to quell tensions over the building of a new dam on the Blue Nile, their foreign ministers say.

Ethiopia’s Tedros Adhanom said the two nations have chosen to swim rather than sink together, AFP news agency reports.

He met his Egyptian counterpart Kamel Amr after Egypt opposed Ethiopia’s plans for a hydroelectric dam.

Egypt is worried that the dam will reduce the water supply vital for its 84 million people.

Last week, Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi said he did not want war but he would not allow Egypt’s water supply to be endangered by the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Mr Morsi said he was keeping “all options open”.

Previous statements about the dam had been made “in the heat of the moment”, Mr Amr said, at a joint press conference with Mr Tedros in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, AFP reports.

“We are embarking on a period of mutual cooperation,” Mr Amr is quoted by Bloomberg news agency as saying.

“We’re looking to the future and I think the future will be very good for both of us.”

In a joint statement, Mr Amr and Mr Tedros said that relations between Egypt and Ethiopia remained “brotherly” and talks to assess the impact of the dam would continue…click here to read full story

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#BreakingNews: Joint statement by Ethiopian & Egyptian Foreign Ministers on GERD

Posted by Ethio Tribune on June 18, 2013

Joint PRESS Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mohamed Kamel Amr and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mohamed Kamel Amr and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus met in Addis Ababa on Tuesday 18 June 2013.

The two ministers reiterated their commitment to strengthen their bilateral relations and coordinate their efforts to reach an understanding regarding all outstanding issues between both countries in a manner of trust and openness building on the positive developments of their relations. Both ministers underlined their desire to deepen their dialogue on a range of challenges that face the African continent in general and the Nile Basin region in particular.

With regard to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, both ministers agreed, as per the Terms of Reference of the International Panel of Experts, to immediately initiate consultations among Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, on how to move forward with the implementation of its recommendations, including the recommended studies to be conducted. In this regard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia welcomed the Egyptian initiative to begin consultations amongst the Water Resources and Foreign Ministers of the three countries, at the technical and political levels, to ensure the implementation of the above-mentioned recommendations.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister expressed Egypt’s concerns regarding the possible effects of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Egypt’s water use. The Ethiopian Foreign Minister, on his part, assured his Egyptian counterpart that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which will be used for power generation purposes, is being built in a way that addresses Egypt’s water security concerns. In such context, both Ministers agreed to take into account the developmental interests of Ethiopia as well as the water security concerns of downstream countries.

Both Ministers, in a spirit of brotherly relations and mutual understanding, agreed to embark on consultations at the technical and political levels, with the participation of the Republic of the Sudan, to implement in a speedy manner the International Panel of Experts’ recommendations. In this context, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia reiterated Ethiopia’s previous position, which is committed to a win-win approach as the basis for future cooperation.

At the end of their consultation, both sides agreed to exert the maximum effort to strengthen the bilateral relations between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Both ministers stressed the need to continue the dialogue and communication with each other in order to follow up on the outcome of this meeting. In this context, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia accepted the invitation by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt to visit Cairo in the near future.

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Egyptians invest $50m in Ethiopia amid escalating tensions

Posted by Ethio Tribune on June 17, 2013

By Farah Atia

Three Egyptian projects worth $50m will be launched in Ethiopia’s first industrial zone over the next month in an attempt to strengthen Egyptian-Ethiopian ties, according to the head of the Badr Investors Association.

Alaa Alsokti highlighted the “role the economy plays in strengthening relations between the two countries,” and urged the government to give Egyptian businessmen and companies the opportunity to play a political role in calming growing tension with Ethiopia.

The plants, owned by Egyptian investors and companies, specialise in electrical transformers, office furniture and medical equipment.

Rising population, pollution and environmental degradation have caused increasing water scarcity for Egypt. The country is facing an annual water deficit of around 7bn cubic metres, with the United Nations already warning that Egypt could run out of water by 2025. Alsokti stressed that many Ethiopians are keen that the dam not worsen Egypt’s water situation.

“There has been a significant boost in ties between us and the Nile-based countries in the past two years,” President Mohamed Morsi told the Conference on Egypt’s Rights to Nile Water this month, adding that there has been a 50% increase in trade, with Egyptian investments in Ethiopia now amounting to $2bn.

According to a statement by the Ethiopian government: “The Nile basin has been tying the two countries and their peoples together for millennia.” It noted that while the river could represent a source of cooperation for the two countries, this has not always been the case, calling the issue of Nile water a “sticking point in the relationship, a major stumbling block to any sort of robust bilateral link that might have enhanced the interests of both countries.”

According to the statement, successive Egyptian governments have sought to ensure their continued control of the Nile water, and because of this, it has not been possible to establish a strategy for the river based on mutual agreement, adding that upper riparian countries, including Ethiopia, for a long time suffered from a lack of sufficient resources to develop their legitimate claims to usage of the Nile water…click here to read more

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ግድቡ በግብፅና ሱዳን ላይ አሉታዊ ተፅዕኖ እንደማያሳድር ደቡብ ሱዳን ገለፀች

Posted by Ethio Tribune on June 14, 2013

ደቡብ ሱዳን ግብፅና ኢትዮጵያ በአባይ ወንዝ አጠቃቀም ዙሪያ በትብብር እንዲሰሩ ጥሪ አቀረበች፡፡ ታላቁ የኢትዮጵያ ህዳሴ ግድብ በአባይ ወንዝ ተፋሰስ ላይ መገንባቱ የግብፅ፣ ሱዳንና ኢትዮጵያ የአሁኑና ቀጣይ ትውልዶች ጥቅም የሚያስጠብቅ መሆኑን የደቡብ ሱዳን ዋና ተደራዳሪ ፔጋን አሙም ገለፁ፡፡

የግድቡ መገንባት በታችኛው የናይል ተፋሰስ ሀገራት ማለትም በግብፅና ሱዳን ላይ የሚያስከትለው ምንም አይነት አሉታዊ ተፅዕኖ አለመኖሩንም ዋና ተደራዳሪው አክለው ገልፀዋል፡፡

ግድቡን አስመልክቶ ከሰሞኑ የግብፅ ባለስልጣናት ሲሰነዝሯቸው የነበሩትን አስተያየቶች ደቡብ ሱዳን በአንክሮ ስትከታተል መሰንበቷን የጠቀሱት ዋና ተደራዳሪው የአሁኑና ቀጣይ ትውልዶቻቸው ዕጣ ፈንታ ይሰምር ዘንድ የናይል ተፋሰስ ሀገራት በአባይ ወንዝ አጠቃቀም ዙሪያ በትብብር እንዲሰሩ መክረዋል፡፡

“ኢትዮጵያ የሌሎችን ጥቅም በማይጎዳ ሁኔታ የአባይን ውሃ ለኤሌክትሪክ ማመንጨትም ሆነ ለመስኖ አገልግሎት የመጠቀም መብት አላት፡፡ ግብፅና ኢትዮጵያም በአባይ ወንዝ አጠቃቀም ዙሪያ በትብብር እንዲሰሩ ጥሪ እናቀርባለን፡፡” ብለዋል ዋና ተደራዳሪው፡፡

ደቡብ ሱዳን የናይል ተፋሰስ አባል አገር እንደመሆኗ በወንዙ አጠቃቀም ዙሪያ ከፍትሃዊ ስምምነት ላይ ለመድረስ ከሌሎች የተፋሰሱ አገራት ጋር በቅርበት ትሠራለችም ብለዋል፡፡




read also :

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Egypt’s opposition says ‘too late’ for unity talks

Posted by Ethio Tribune on June 12, 2013

Cairo: Egypt’s largest opposition grouping said on Tuesday that calls by the country’s Islamist President for national reconciliation talks come “too late”, as activists geared up for a street protest campaign at the end of the month to demand Mohammed Morsi’s ouster.

President Morsi made the call during a fiery speech on Monday over Ethiopia’s plans to build a dam on the Blue Nile, a project Cairo claims would jeopardise the flow of the Nile River through Egypt and cause a critical water shortage in the country.

In the speech, Morsi urged Egyptians to unite behind a common stand, saying he was “ready to meet anyone to serve the nation’s interest” to consolidate the country’s internal front in the face of outside dangers.

Critics accuse Morsi of using the Nile dam issue to whip up nationalist fervour and undercut the opposition’s push for his ouster.

“Such a call is simply lip service on Morsi’s part and tasteless PR,” said Khaled Dawoud, spokesman of the National Salvation Front, the main opposition coalition.

It is rather too late after Morsi failed to hold a single serious dialogue in his year in office,” Dawoud said.

Tensions are rising ahead of June 30, when Morsi marks one year as Egypt’s first freely-elected President. He came to power in the aftermath of the 2011 uprising that toppled his predecessor, autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

The opposition has called for mass demonstrations to mark the anniversary by calling for his ouster.

Anticipating violence during the upcoming protests, Egypt’s Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim told police officers today that security forces will not get into confrontations with protesters.

He said that the presidential palace, which will be the focal point of protests, will be protected by the Republican Guard forces charged with defending the President.

Police will not be deployed there, unlike previous protests at the palace. Clashes between security forces and protesters over the last two years have left scores dead.

Morsi has substantial opposition from within the police force. Earlier this year, police officers held a nation-wide strike earlier this year demanding that Morsi not use them against the opposition. They decry what they call the “Brotherhoodization” of the police, the alleged appointment of Morsi loyalists in key posts.




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